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Weddings, Funerals and Baptisms

       Weddings, funerals and baptisms are conducted in the church by appointment with the Pastor.

        God's original plan for mankind in Genesis is that a man and a woman should leave their parents and be united as one in marriage. God created marriage for our benefit and for the raising of children, who are a blessing from the Lord. If you would like to get married and make your vows before God in our church then please contact us and we can take your enquiry from there.

       Funerals are conducted in our church by the Pastor and He emphasizes the Gospel message of Christ's resurrection from the dead throughout the service. The Pastor also offers his support to the grieving family in a loving Christian environment. Again contact the Pastor for more information.

      Baptism is a Christian sacrament reserved for believers and their children. If you are interested in being baptized by the Pastor please attend our church and speak to one of our elders after the service.